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Driving simplifies life by giving you more autonomy and flexibility. Tricounty Driving School offers traffic school online in Miami, FL. Whether you’re just learning to drive or want to refresh your skills, we have the programs that you need.

Benefits of Attending Traffic School Online

You may wonder why you should choose an online driving school. When you choose to attend our traffic school online, you can take all of the courses from the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Plus, you don’t have to find a ride to the school to take your lessons.

If you need our experienced lessons and have small children, you don’t need to find someone to babysit them for you because you’ll be home. When you take traffic school online, you are choosing the convenient and easy route without sacrificing quality or care. Here at Tricounty Driving School, we offer the residents of Miami, FL, helpful and professional driving courses.

Whether you need beginner classes because you’re just starting the driving process, or you need driver improvement courses, come to Tricounty Driving School. Check below to see a full range of our online traffic courses.

Courses for Beginners

Our courses are designed to help drivers at a variety of skill levels and with a range of needs. We provide a first-time driver’s course that lasts 4 hours. This course is ideal for drivers that are just learning how to drive and want to boost their confidence on the road.

Often, these course participants also take advantage of our permit preparation class, which is geared towards helping new drivers pass the State of Florida permit test.

We also offer an elective 4-hour driver improvement course. Enhance your driving and refresh your memory of the various rules and regulations so that you can drive with confidence. Many people want to drive even better than they already do, and this course is ideal for that.

Our first-time driver’s course, permit prep course, and our 4-hour driver improvement class are also available in Spanish.

Courses for Experienced Drivers

Tricounty Driving School also provides driving courses that fulfill court-mandated requirements. If you have multiple traffic violations or the court has suspended your license, you may need our driver improvement courses.

We offer 8- and 12-hour iterations of this course, depending on the severity of your current situation. Sometimes the 4-hour driver improvement course can be used to satisfy the court’s requirements. We work closely with you to help you learn how to improve your driving and to help you get back on the road safely as soon as possible.

Tricounty Driving School in Miami, FL, provides all the traffic school online necessary to teach you how to drive or to help you improve your driving. Call (786) 294-0897 to take advantage of the convenience of our courses today.

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