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  • 03/01/2022 - Tricounty Driving School 0 Comments
    Benefits of a Mature Driver Course for Florida Residents

    As you get older, the world around you continues to change. While it's easy to remain set in your ways, you cannot deny all of the technological advancements and everyday changes society goes through. One of the biggest changes is the world of driving. If you're 55 or older, then you most likely have not taken driving courses in many years.

    To help older drivers get a better handle on new changes, Florida residents have the opportunity to take a mature driver course. The course itself is not mandatory, but it comes with multiple benefits for older drivers. Learn about the benefits of a mature driver course for Florida residents and how the course can improve your driving in the long run.

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  • 23/09/2021 - Tricounty Driving School 0 Comments
    Should You Take a Driver Improvement Course?

    Many people think of driving school as an exclusive option for teens, but professional training is ideal for any age. Even if you already have your license, you could learn and grow as a driver through a driver improvement course. The courses will go over driving skills, teach you specific methods, and build confidence on the road.

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  • 07/08/2021 - Tricounty Driving School 0 Comments
    7 Tips to Keep Your Teenaged Driver Safe on the Road

    A driver's license is a rite of passage for many teens, and this significant leap toward adulthood comes with a great deal of added responsibility. When the time finally comes for your teen to obtain their driver's permit, it's equal parts nerve-wracking and exciting for the both of you. The milestone provides your adolescent with a major increase in independence, but concern for their safety can weigh heavily on both of your minds.

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  • 26/07/2021 0 Comments
    4 Key Driving Skills Teenagers Will Learn in City-Based Lessons

    For many parents, some of the first driving lessons with teens involve a low-traffic road or a large parking lot. While those areas will help a teen get comfortable behind the wheel, real world situations can prepare them best for various driving situations. When you sign up your teen up for driving lessons in a city like Miami, Florida, they will come away with many experiences.

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  • 18/12/2018 0 Comments
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Remember to drive safely this holiday season. Our office will close at 1:00 pm the 24th and 31st of December, we’ll be closed the 25th of December and January 1st, but we’ll open at regular times in between.

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