How to Prepare For Your Driver's License Test

Learning to drive for the first time can be an exciting experience that culminates when you get your full license. To get to that point, you'll have to meet all the requirements for your state — including passing the practical exam. Use this handy guide to make sure you've covered everything you need to, so you can take your test with confidence.

Where are Your Controls?

A practical driver's license test will usually start with your instructor asking you to identify critical points from the driver's seat. You should at least know where your headlights, emergency lights, and emergency brakes are on your vehicle. To make sure you can answer these questions confidently, determine the vehicle you'll use to test ahead of time, and spend some time behind the wheel to get familiar with the buttons and levers you need to know.

What are the Laws?

If you already have your learner's license — which you'll need for a year before you can get a full license — you've probably already memorized most of the basic rules of the road. In your practice time as you learn, make sure to review the laws that govern safe driving, especially the ones that you may encounter near the testing center. The practical exam will put you into situations where you'll need to know them!

You might have crammed to pass the test and forgotten most of what you learned while you were studying. No shame there — just make sure you take the time you need to drill the laws into your head before your next test. Driving with safe adults like your parents or a driving instructor can help you develop your memory for different scenarios you may see on the road.

Have You Passed the Courses?

Besides your learner's license test, you'll need to complete some standard safety courses before testing for a full license. The main one to remember is the Drug, Alcohol, and Traffic Awareness Course, which every driver in Florida must complete to obtain a license. The United States takes impaired driving very seriously and wants to ensure that everyone knows the risks of driving while impaired.

Even if you have no intention of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the course is a thorough reminder of the consequences that an impaired driver will face. The lessons also give you important legal information you might need if you get into an accident where substance use was involved. That's why the state of Florida has determined the lessons are necessary for all new and continuing drivers.

Do You Have Your Documents?

Florida has several legal forms you'll need to get your first driver's license, especially if you're a teenager. You've probably already given the testing center your parental consent form (if you're under 18) and proof of your identity, like your Social Security card. If you haven't provided those yet, bring them with you for your driver's test to ensure that the DMV has everything they need.

Additionally, you'll need your practice log, which should show that you have at least 50 hours of experience on the road, including 10 hours at night. Your parents or another responsible adult will need to sign off on it before you can take your test. Finally, make sure the paperwork that goes with the vehicle is with you; your instructor will need to check that the car is safe, insured, and up to date before you take your test.

If you need some extra instruction, want to make sure you're building safe habits, or you just want the best chance at getting your license the first time you test, you'll need top-notch instruction. That's where Tricounty Driving School comes in. Our teams aim to prepare you for the road with flexible lessons and minimal interruptions to your daily life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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