Benefits of a Mature Driver Course for Florida Residents

As you get older, the world around you continues to change. While it's easy to remain set in your ways, you cannot deny all of the technological advancements and everyday changes society goes through. One of the biggest changes is the world of driving. If you're 55 or older, then you most likely have not taken driving courses in many years.

To help older drivers get a better handle on new changes, Florida residents have the opportunity to take a mature driver course. The course itself is not mandatory, but it comes with multiple benefits for older drivers. Learn about the benefits of a mature driver course for Florida residents and how the course can improve your driving in the long run.


1. Reduced Insurance Rates

Insurance companies often award safe drivers, and a voluntary mature driver course would check many boxes for an insurance company. On your side of things, the course could mean reduced rates on your insurance. The rate reduction is often permanent and will result in savings for years to come.

Eventually, those savings will offset any prices you paid for a mature driver course class. For example, say you paid $80.00 for a mature driving course. If your insurance is $120 a month and you receive a 10 percent rate reduction, then the savings you have will exceed $80 in a little over six months. The discounts add up quickly and can make a big difference on your monthly budget.

2. Make Your Own Pace

When you take a mature driver course, you will not feel transported back to the days of driver's ed. There is no physical classroom or a set schedule that forces you into a strict schedule. Many options for a mature driver course are completed fully online and allow you to go at your own pace.

An online course typically includes written materials, interactive elements, and videos to showcase different driving elements. The videos are one of the main highlights because you can watch the content multiple times so you can maintain a true grasp of the material.

Even if you do just one element per day, you get to set your schedule and choose what works for your needs. A website tracks your progress and you will receive certification once the course is complete.

3. New Car Features

If you first learned to drive decades ago, the cars you originally learned to drive in are vastly different than some of the modern designs. With updated features and elements, a driver's course will teach you how to safely operate the machines and feature an overview of modern-day car designs. Some examples include reverse camera screens, GPS navigation, and self-driving or self-parking modes.

A refresher course on the car features will help you become familiar with newer makes and models. The benefits will help if you ever rent a car or seek out a new vehicle purchase.

4. New Driving Laws

Along with new car features, there have been new driving passed over the years you could be unaware of. For example, in recent years, Florida has imposed laws against texting while driving. The new driving laws ensure you drive safely on the road and do not accidentally break any of the driving laws.

The expansion of highways and freeways in Florida has created some major changes to the way people drive and a course can help you navigate the road systems smoothly. A course will cover any new driving laws, especially in the ways driving laws have changed in Florida.

Find out all of the details about our mature driver course at Tricounty Driving School. Our course comes with all of these benefits and is a fun option to take with other people your age, including a spouse or a friend.


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