6 Common Driving Errors That Cause Road Accidents

Current vehicle models use sophisticated technology to prevent road accidents. However, the U.S. continues to report many deaths due to road accidents every year. Many of these accidents are the result of avoidable errors.


This blog discusses the common driving errors that can lead to road accidents and cause injuries.


1. Distracted Driving

Distractions, especially smartphones, can lead to road accidents. The distractions reduce your concentration level and ability to react quickly.


As a driver, your entire focus must be on the road. Failure to concentrate on the road can result in fatal road accidents. For instance, don't turn to look at the passengers, eat food, or admire roadside objects. When you get distracted, you can enter the wrong lane, ram into other cars, or leave the road completely.


One way to avoid distractions is to always pull over when you have to use your phone. Another option is to complete your meal before you drive the vehicle.


2. Poor Decision-Making

Specific driver-based decisions may cause road accidents. For example, tailgating, excessive speeding, and reckless passing are poor decisions. The decision to get on the road during low visibility or bad weather can also be catastrophic.


3. Inability to Use the Correct Lane

Failure to stay within the correct lane will attract the anger of other road users. In some cases, the drift can result in a collision.


You may drift because you don't pay attention to your vehicle's position. Other reasons for the drift can be inconspicuous road markings.


Another lane error is when you don't activate the turn indicators, forget to check the mirrors, or try to squeeze between narrow gaps. Also, failure to scan the road for signs of motorcycles can lead to accidents.


4. Slow Driving

You probably know that driving at high speeds can be dangerous. However, you can also cause a road accident if you drive at very low speeds. When you drive slowly, you encourage other motorists behind you to pass you.


Most highways have lanes for slow vehicles, and you should always use that lane when driving slowly. If you aren't sure of your lane, check the speed of the vehicles behind and in front of you. If the vehicles behind change lanes, then your speed may be too low.


5. Abrupt Stops

An abrupt stop in the middle of the road without any serious reason can cause road problems. Unless an emergency occurs, you must carefully bring your vehicle to a stop. Ideally, it would help if you stopped at designated parking areas on the roadside.


If you must stop in the middle of the road, you should gradually slow down. Put on the hazard lights to warn the drivers behind you.


6. Failure to Use Turn Signal

You must use the turn signal whenever you want to change lanes or turn. The signal will inform other motorists to expect your vehicle's movement. If the other drivers see your turn signal in time, they can slow down or give you space to turn. On the other hand, if nobody is expecting you to turn, they could accidentally crash into you.


It would be best to always use the turn signal, even when you can't see any vehicle behind you. Regular use of the turn signal makes it a habit and can save your life.


Avoid Driving Mistakes

Driving mistakes can cause injuries, loss of property, and even death. One way to prevent driving mistakes is to get private driving lessons from a high-quality driving school. Tricounty Driving School offers driving training, traffic school, and other driving-related classes. We also have a female-only training team for women who would prefer that.


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