4 Key Driving Skills Teenagers Will Learn in City-Based Lessons

For many parents, some of the first driving lessons with teens involve a low-traffic road or a large parking lot. While those areas will help a teen get comfortable behind the wheel, real world situations can prepare them best for various driving situations. When you sign up your teen up for driving lessons in a city like Miami, Florida, they will come away with many experiences.

The lessons on city roads cannot be duplicated anywhere else and will help build a foundation of driving skills that lasts for years to come. Learn about the city-based driving skills a new driver will gain and what to expect for driving lessons.

1. Decision-Based Driving

While new drivers need to learn the skills to properly operate a vehicle, one of the key elements of driving is proper decisions. When driving through crowded city traffic, quick decisions become imperative. Traffic moves quickly and congestion forces a teen to decide the best option on the road.

Driving lessons through a city will teach a driver awareness of their surroundings. The teen will learn the best times to switch lanes, when to be wary of pedestrians, and at what points to make proper turns. Traffic patterns prompt a lot of decisions and driving instructors will guide teens through those decisions in different scenarios.

Cities are also filled with many signs a driver needs to quickly process and follow. A driving instructor will point out which signs to look for and ensure some of the key signs are not missed throughout the city.

2. Parking

City-based driving gives teens a chance to learn multiple styles of parking. When parking on city streets, a teen may learn the best way to parallel park. A driving instructor helps guide them through each step of the process, including vehicle adjustments and blinker use.

A teen driver may drive through a parking garage to learn about the tight corners and proper navigation through multiple levels of traffic. In other situations, a teen may learn how to back into a spot. The process will teach them the use of proper signals while they park in heavy traffic.

3. Navigating Lanes & Loops

City driving is a lot different than rural driving where there are typically only two lanes. A lot of cities feature one way streets and side streets a person must navigate. Teens will learn how to navigate oneway streets when they want to change directions. Other lessons include the best lanes for traffic flow and the best options to reach specific destinations in a city.

If you live around the city area, the experience will go a long way to help a child memorize different routes through city areas. When the teen gets a job, proper navigation will lead to less delays and ensure they show up at work on time.

4. Using Freeways & Expressways

The borders of many cities include freeways and expressways. The high-speed routes offer quick ways to get from one side of the city to the other. Because of this, driving lessons will include freeways and expressways that surround a city.

Teens will learn the best times to use the expressways, how to properly maintain high speeds, and what the best options when they need to pass cars, switch lanes, and exit.

Placing a teen behind the wheel is the best way to get them used to speeds over 60 miles per hour. Multiple lessons will help build those skills. Key lessons will include on-ramp navigation, closed lane situations, and traveling past large trucks.

Sign your teenager for driving lessons with our professionals at Tricounty Driving School. The more experience a teen has on the road, the better they will become at driving and building skills to use for their whole life.


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